Medical treatment

At Athens Small Animal Hospital, it's not just about your pet. It's about YOU TOO! We promise to provide your best friend with outstanding veterinary care. And to you, we promise to provide heart-felt service because we know just how much your pet means to you.

Digital imaging

Radiographs, commonly known as X-rays, are used to evaluate injuries and conditions requiring more than a routine physical examination. Radiology gives us a non-invasive way to observe your pet’s internal anatomy, providing a more thorough and accurate diagnosis.

We use radiographs to detect orthopedic conditions, such as fractures, bone tumors, and arthritis. We can also evaluate internal organs for tumors; GI obstruction; conditions of the heart, stomach, intestines, reproductive, and urinary systems, such as bladder stones; and to locate swallowed foreign objects, such as toys or rocks.

This imaging procedure is completely painless and can be performed on calm and cooperative pets without sedation. We may administer a sedative or general anesthesia for nervous or painful patients or when the specific technique required calls for intricate or complicated positioning. We will discuss with you any sedation needed before performing the procedure.

Digital X-ray gives us a greatly detailed image visible as a printout, CD, or on a computer screen. This technology offers extraordinary detail and minimal radiation exposure, with the convenience of sharing digital records.

In-house laboratory

When minutes count, accurate diagnostic testing is critical to the health of your pet. Our fully equipped laboratory offers speed and accuracy in receiving results, allowing us to implement treatments without delay. Our technicians perform diagnostic tests for hospitalized patients and appointments, often while you wait. Some of the tests we perform:

  • Complete blood counts
  • Blood chemistries
  • Urine analysis
  • Heartworm disease
  • Fecal Examinations
  • Ear cytology
  • Skin scrape evaluations for ear mites


Athens Small Animal Hospital is committed to the highest standard of care of each surgical patient. Whether your pet in undergoing a simple procedure, such as a spay or neuter, or a more serious or complex operation, you may be confident that patient safety is our top priority.

Our veterinarian examines each patient prior to administering anesthesia. We recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork for all patients, especially senior pets and those with chronic conditions.

While your pet in under anesthesia, our technician constantly monitors heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and blood oxygen levels. Once the procedure is completed, the patient remains under supervision until fully recovered from the anesthesia. Your pet will be discharged to your care with additional medication, if necessary, for pain management at home.

Athens Small Animal Hospital also partners with The University of Tennessee as a referral center.